Nokia/Checkpoint firewall

Jerald Josephs
Fri, 04 Feb 2000 21:02:17 -0800

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IPSO is based upon FreeBSD 2.2.6.
All known security issues in FreeBSD have been incorporated into IPSO
as we have become aware of them.

Whereas FreeBSD is an effort supported by contributions from many sources,
IPSO development is a concerted effort under the focused attention of a group
of engineers that include some who have been involved in UNIX development
since the beginning of UNIX.

I respect your concern, Josef, however, IPSO is MORE SECURE than any
implementation of FreeBSD that you can obtain.

You suggest that Nokia is not competent when it comes to OS development
because you assume that the Security Platforms are engineered by those who
are responsible for other Nokia products, such as mobile phones.  Perhaps you
don't recall that Nokia acquired Ipsilon Networks in 1997 and the IP in IP650
means Ipsilon. The Nokia Security Platform continues to be developed under
the direct supervision of the original core group that made up Ipsilon Networks.

I am one of them.


--- Jerald Josephs

Josef Pojsl wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 09:55:51PM +1100, Yin To Chu wrote:
> > Kyle :
> >
> > Can you tell the hardware configuration of the Ultra 250, i.e. memory, no.
> > of CPU and CPU speed?
> > There is only a Pentium II 450 CPU running FreeBSD 4.0 (optimized by Nokia)
> > in IP650. I read the spec. on Nokia GGSN (GPRS core element) which is IP650.
> Hello,
> are you sure they are using FreeBSD _4.0_? It has not been released,
> and even if it had, it is generally not a Good Thing to run such
> a critical application as firewall on an X.0 OS version. It took some
> time for FreeBSD 3.X to settle down.
> I generally don't trust companies optimizing others'
> operating systems. IMHO, the FreeBSD project do their job very well.
> A shoemaker should be making shoes and a tailor should be making clothes.
> Regards,
> Josef
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